Live Review: Baroness (28/02/16)

Posted: March 6, 2016 in Live Reviews
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Baroness have become a band that I’ve spent a lot of time with since their bus crash in 2012. I’d never seen them live until this night, and had only really got into them in a big way on ‘Yellow and Green’. I liked ‘Red Album’ and ‘Blue Record’, but ‘Yellow and Green’ was the point where they became a band that I REALLY wanted to see. Finally my time came this year, on the back of their stunning new record, ‘Purple’.

Unlike my normal self, I was too busy catching up with old friends and missed the support band which was a bummer. However I arrived just in time to get myself a Lemmy and a good spot for the moment when John Baizley and crew strode onto stage, triumphant in return. This was a truly transcendant set, with all facets of their expansive, progressive sludge doom coming to the fore at different times. There was the gloriously singalong ‘Shock Me’, the rumbling beauty of ‘March to the Sea’ and the grinding sludge pop of ‘Board Up the House’. Sure, there wasn’t a huge amount from ‘Red’ or ‘Blue’, but with the strength of material available to them, it almost doesn’t matter what they had played.

If you’ve never seen Baroness live, then you need to take this opportunity as soon as possible. By the end of the night, the band held the Garage in the palm of their hand, and each song was rapturously received. A band whose music is so painfully honest and emotional, Baroness were spellbinding, and certainly worth the wait.


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