Review: Hemotoxin – Biological Enslavement

Posted: March 2, 2016 in Reviews
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Hemotoxin - Biological Enslavement

USA thrashers Hemotoxin have got some seriously weird shit going on in their sophomore album, ‘Biological Enslavement’. It isn’t just simple thrash, it has some serious death metal leanings, along with some prog metal dashes and lashings of FUCKING RIFFS!!

Opening instrumental ‘Decadence’ rips hard, and gives you a nice taste of what is to come. ‘Regression’ is a high speed beatdown of brutality, with spiralling solos and the kind of guitar licks that other weak poser bands would die for. The musicianship is stunning, and the heaviness drags you down with it. ‘Minus Human’ has a weird progressive intro, before some rampant death metal riffing takes over. It feels like a thrashier Atheist, while ‘Not of This World’ hits more notes in the solo that some bands manage in a whole record. ‘A Journey Through Dreams’ is both the most accessible and the most rampant, storming track here, with some ace melodies and moments of endless blasting. It ‘s a tour de force of high quality metal.

The album art sums up the otherworldly madness that is wrought within this record. In the same way that Massacre’s ‘From Beyond’ was music from the void on the front cover, Hemotoxin’s music is jagged, unyielding and razor sharp. It has an off colour pallor, where nothing is quite aligned with what you expect. ‘Forgotten Faces’ has all sorts of odd melodies, summoning Schuldinger’s spirit to compose some of the most viscerally thrilling metal I’ve come across in 2016 thus far. Excellent.


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