Review: Senescence – Endoomed

Posted: February 27, 2016 in Reviews
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Senescence - Endoomed

Senescence are a two man German doom band who have been around since the late 90s, but have been silent on the release front since 2002. ‘Endoomed’ is the second of two EP releases last year, following the excellently titled ‘In Doom There is No Law’. ‘Endoomed’ is available from their Bandcamp page.

‘Wisdom be Prey’ is the first track, and you feel straight away that this isn’t your typical doom release. Gloomy strums float into view, followed by a mournful clean vocal. There’s an obvious post rock influence here, with a cleaner and less heavy sound to begin with. The drumming gives a bit of heft, but the shimmering, almost glacial sleekness about it is totally different. Sure, there is heaviness here, but it comes more across in the mood, the oppressive atmosphere. The dense riffs build up in the background, until the doom influences shine through more obviously.

While only three tracks, it is a hefty 22 minutes of doom that twists and turns. ‘Vultures Collapse into Sound’ is the longest track, and is a grinding, ‘Like Gods of the Sun’-era My Dying Bride, but with less violin. It is very dark, and the dashes of piano give that little bit extra melancholy to it, especially when the riffs disappear and the haunting clean section appears. It is a very atmospheric release, and thrives on the eerie vibe it produces, like the ritualistic vocals that open closing track ‘Mourner’s Claim’.

Senescence have written something that you have never heard the likes of before. Sure, there’s hefty riffs but the vocals and some of the cleaner guitar parts are very strange. I like it though, and it is a great thing to find a unique doom band in this day and age. Definitely worth a go


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