Review: Otargos – Xeno Kaos

Posted: February 21, 2016 in Reviews
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French black metal has always been an area where some of the genre’s brightest and strangest bands have been birthed. Otargos have been centre stage in that evolution, creating some excellent examples of visceral, intelligent black metal. ‘Xeno Kaos’ follows the superb ‘Apex Terror’ from 2013, and is a scalding, burning black metal assault.

Opener ‘Dominatrix’ is furious, writhing and in parts, brutally heavy. I’m getting a big sense of Belphegor or latter Behemoth, where the dark energy of black metal is tethered to the crunch of death metal. ‘The Ruinous Powers’ have a bit more of that otherworldly Deathspell Omega feel, with the brutality of Gojira spliced into the harsh, cold riffing. ‘Dark Mechanicus’ has the eerie, alien industrialism about it. ‘Xeno Kaos’ is a record that sees Otargos focus more on the death metal side, and leave their more atmospheric black metal side on the edge.

‘Xeno Kaos’ is the fusion of black metal and death with all sorts of extra ingredients. You get little bits of industrial, adding a cold, relentless feel to the music. You get a solid deathly chug in songs like ‘Realm of the Dead’, as well as rabid black metal. Otargos have dropped a high quality record here, one that drips with an overt menace and seething rage. A modern, apocalyptic statement of where we as a race are heading. Cybernetic, raging death seems to be the answer to that predicament…



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