Review: Mortal Strike – For the Loud and the Aggressive

Posted: February 19, 2016 in Reviews
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Mortal Strike - For the Loud and the Aggressive

Austrian thrashers Mortal Strike issued their debut record in 2014, but I’ve only just got around to hearing it. Sometimes when you have an itching for metal, sometimes only thrash will do it, and ‘For the Loud and the Aggressive’ is proper no frills thrash goodness!

Opening with the shameless Slayer worship of the title track, you are taken on a rollercoaster ride of stunning thrash licks, catchy ass tunes, and enough Exodus riffs to shake a stick at. The awesome chug of ‘Here Comes the Tank’ is a headbanger’s dream, as is the rampant ‘Outbreak of Fury’. The whole album in fact is designed to wreck your neck and hurl you headlong into a pit. There’s definitely some Kreator in the rabid ‘Mg42’, and Mortal Strike pile riffs upon riffs to really nail that essential thrash sound.

It’s energetic, it has plenty of awesome riffing and the songs are catchier than herpes at an orgy. The real highlight is the simple, organic feel of ‘For the Loud and the Aggressive’. It doesn’t feel like this band are TRYING to be old school, they are just playing music they obviously love. I mean, ‘Smash the Tyrants/Storm the Gates’ is a killer tune, and the no nonsense approach to song writing gives each track that authentic feel.

‘For the Loud and the Aggressive’ is a record that I missed two years ago but have spun enough times since to truly appreciate it. Full of sickeningly catchy thrash riffs, plenty of respect paid to Bay Area legends and Teutonic thrash gods, and most importantly, some goddamn enthusiasm for the genre. All hail Mortal Strike, you fucking slay lads!

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