Review: Infamy – The Blood Shall Flow

Posted: February 17, 2016 in Reviews
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Infamy - The Blood Shall Flow

Underground legends Infamy, from an obviously hellish suburb of LA, California, are having their debut album from 1998, ‘The Blood Shall Flow, rereleased on CD and on vinyl for the first time by Terror from Hell Records. An album that has just grown in stature over the years, after the sad death of bassist Joshua Jagger Heatley, and is now considered a lost classic. But has it aged well?

The sheer weight of riffs here is excruciating. Taking the earth cracking rumble of Bolt Thrower, adding the waspish ferocity of deathgrind legends like early Dying Fetus and adding dashes of old school Death and Massacre, songs like ‘Cranial Implosion’ and the crushing ‘Bodily Disembowelment’ hit the spot perfectly. ‘Putrid Infestation’ has almost goregrind atmosphere; a thick bubbling miasma of churning riffs and hellish vocals.

Taking cues from the classics, from Cannibal Corpse (‘Salem’s Burning’) to Suffocation (‘Mass Cremation’), Infamy’s only record lives up to the hype. ‘The Blood Shall Flow’ is a solid death metal record, full of vintage riffs and brutality. Sure it takes cues from almost every death metal album from the early 90s, but you don’t need to be original to sound damn good. ‘The Blood Shall Flow’ is damn good.



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