Review: Denial – 11°22​.​4’N 142°35​.​5’E (EP)

Posted: February 16, 2016 in Reviews
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Denial - 11°22​.​4'N 142°35​.​5'E

It has been 6 long years since we got anything from morbid Mexicans Denial, with their staggering paeon to the undead ‘Catacombs of the Grotesque’. About two or three years early for the return of primitive, hell scraping death metal, Denial have finally returned to show everyone how its done with their new EP, ’11°22​.​4’N 142°35​.​5’E’, named after the deepest point on earth, far below reality in the Mariana Trench.

Opener ‘The Involution of Kings’ is instantly gratifying; a churning riff drags from the rift and knocks you out, then your bloodied corpse is dragged into the woods and dismembered. The riffs are heavy, but there is a wailing, atonal solo that punctures the gloom. There’s a clammyness to this reocrd, the atmosphere clings to you with dreaful intentions. A rabidity inhabits the spaces as well, and the switches from the churning maelstorm to the flailing chaos are disorientating and chilling.

‘The Elder Race’ rumbles with equal menace, channelling this massive groove through an otherworldly portal in Hell. Dream Death would be proud of what these guys have done with their song. it’s the musical equivalent of the album cover; an undescribable terror coming from under the sea, coming to send us all mad. You’d also be mad not to pick up this 7″ and delve deep into death metal insanity. Awesome


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