Review: Centipede – Sarnath

Posted: February 16, 2016 in Reviews
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Finnish stoner rockers Centipede are unleashing their debut record, ‘Sarnath’ this year after a couple of well received demos and EPs. It’s due out in March on Inverse Records, and is looking like its going to be a killer. Channelling the groove of Grand Magus, with the atmosphere of Sabbath and the esoteric weirdness of Mastodon.

Opener ‘Drown’ has an immense riff that seems to be carved from stone. The tone and riffing seems to be taken straight from the High on Fire playbook, which infuses it with righteous heaviosity. Mix in some ‘Leviathan’-era Mastodon and you’ll be about right on the sound. Centipede kick off strongly, and the rest of the record keeps that momentum moving. The Killchain is a blog that thrives on riffs, big fat thunderous riffs and Centipede are a band that provide that at every turn.

There is, like any good doom record should have, some stunningly heavy and slow moments, like the earth shaking ‘The Unspoken’ or the swaggering ‘Frostbite’. Centipede feed from that Iommi riff pool, injecting it with an otherworldly, Mastodon-like vocal from Markus Nurminen. I think the ‘stoner’ tag comes from the epic riffs, that I’m sure would be even more awesome through a drugged haze. The melancholy gloom of ‘Abyssal’, the Neanderthal chug of ‘Black Mead’, the lumbering sludge of ‘Midwinter Wolves’; it’s all part of the package that creates Centipede, and it’s a record that improves with each listen.

Imagine Troy Sanders singing for High on Fire, and add Grand Magus’ sense of melody, and you’ll be somewhere close to describing the awesomeness of Centipede. ‘Sarnath’ is a great opening statement for a band who can only be set for bigger things. Turn up, drop out and feel the power of primal riff!


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