Voices in the Wilderness: An Interview with Abbadon

Posted: February 14, 2016 in Interviews
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For those who don’t know Abaddon, you are missing out on one of India’s newest and most impressive bands. You can read my review of their debut EP ‘Son of Hell here: https://thoseonceloyal.wordpress.com/2016/01/24/review-abaddon-son-of-hell/

I spoke to rhythm guitarist Naag Bharath at length about ‘Son of Hell’, who they take influence from and how they fit in with the emerging Indian metal scene. We ended up in a long conversation about bands we both like and recommendations for us both to check out. He’s a cool guy, and even disappeared halfway through to go and support a local band who I’ve since been told to check out. A true metal supporter!

Abaddon - Logo

So how long have Abaddon been in existence?

NB: For a little over 3 years, we just finished 3 years last December.

What was the idea behind the band, was it just to play music or is there a message to be sent?

NB: At the roots it’s basically our love for the music and how it has helped us and connected to us that led us to form the band, so that we can keep playing the music we love. It also became a way for us to put out all our thoughts and frustrations with all the shit going on around.So it’s both, to play metal and send across our message with it too.

India seems to be churning out these high quality bands with a lot of anger at the moment. Are there a lot of problems there?

NB: Of course, there are a lot of problems here. Religious hypocrites, sleazy politicians, governments looting away our money, stupid laws limiting recreation etc. I guess all these are not very different from the problems in other places, its just what we as humans have become. Metal personally helps give the extra aggression needed to go on everyday, because the modern “Bollywood” music here just doesn’t do the job!

Metal is still really underground in India isn’t it? Are there any big bands, even hard rock, or is it all very much hidden from society?

NB: Yeah, its still underground here, although there have been bands here from the late 80s/early 90s and maybe even earlier. There are many big metal bands here, a lot of them even having played outside India. And there are other non-metal bands which are pretty popular too, it’s mostly Rock, fusion and that kind of stuff which can get some popularity. And there are some rock bands who are actually really good at what they do and are pretty popular too.

Your brand of thrash is obviously a more underground sound. Who are your main influences?

NB: We are mainly influenced by Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Overkill, Kreator, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Sodom, Testament etc

Yeah, there’s definitely an early Iron Maiden sound about your stuff. What was the recording like for Son of Hell?

NB: The recording was done in one full day, around 8 to 9 hours. It was the first time we ever got into a studio and actually recorded anything, so it was a good experience. It was also frustrating at times when one of us fucked up in between and we had to start recording all the way from the top again, as this was basically a live recording. But we did have fun recording this.

Naag went off at this point to see Threidony, a local thrash band, and we picked it up again the next day:

Hey man. How was the gig?

NB: The gig was awesome man! Good sound, good music and the place was packed!

Excellent. So there must be a good following for metal in India. Are there a lot of gig opportunities?

NB: Yeah, there is a good following all around but most of it is from the big cities and metros. It would be very rare to find a metalhead in a small town because there might not be much exposure. There are a fair amount of gigs that keep happening, things are actually getting better by the day. But there are also dry spells sometimes

It’s obviously a very fertile scene. Every time I hear of a new band, I’m straight in there. There’s a passion for metal in India that I love. Have you got more material in the pipeline? What’s next for Abaddon?

NB: Definitely! And all the local bands here who’ve been around from a long time, when the scene wasn’t as fertile as it is now, have played a very important role. We have no new material yet, although we are working on writing new stuff.

Is it more of the same or is your sound evolving in anyway?

NB: Too early to say right now because we haven’t jammed or worked on it yet. But it could evolve a bit and we look forward to something more improvised and better than what we have done.

Abaddon - Photo

How has the reaction been to Son of Hell? I’ve been spinning it a lot recently.

NB: We’ve had a pretty good reaction so far. We’ve heard some good things about it and gotten some constructive feedback too! Really nice to know you liked our music. What did you like best about it and what did you not like about it?

I think it’s got a really honest feel about it, an old school vibe. I mean my review was glowing like, but I mean it. I think the opener is strong, and I also really enjoy Bullet Eye.

NB: Considering our influences and ideas, we’ve worked on getting an old school vibe on it. Thank you for the feedback!

And there you have it. Our conversation then delved into bands from India that I should listen to, and bands that I know that Naag should listen to etc. The band are great, and deserve your support. ‘Son of Hell’ is available here: http://tometal.com/store/cds/abaddon-india-son-of-hell-cd/


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