Review: Power from Hell – Devil’s Whorehouse

Posted: February 14, 2016 in Reviews
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Legendary Brazilian blackened thrashers Power from Hell are onto their fifth record now, and show no signs of slowing their blasphemous ways. ‘Devil’s Whorehouse’ continues their unapologetic worship of 1984 thrash luminaries like Slayer, Celtic Frost and Bathory. This is unholy, unstoppable and brutally raw.

‘Old Metal’ slashes its way into the pit with a primal rage. Power from Hell pull no punches, and their material is vintage South American thrash (ie rawer than hell and blacker than night), which means that it is pretty one dimensional. That dimension is, however, particularly vicious and dark, so you get over it relatively quickly. Power from Hell capture everything that was hellish about first album Bathory, inject a dash of ‘Schizophrenia’-era Sepultura, then layer it all in an unhealthy amount of evil.

The more mid paced tracks, like the seething ‘666 Ways to Blasphemy’ or the atmospheric ‘Black Forest’ work equally well at raising the fetid corpses of 80s blackened thrash.That, coupled with an intimate knowledge of what made the early Norwegian black metal scene so intoxicating, helps Power from Hell become the kind of black metal group you need in your life.

Power from Hell can work at 30mph or 100mph, all you need to know is that they’re coming for your soul, and they’re ripping it out through your teeth. The sinister primitive nature of the riffs, the vocals and the production cloak what is actually a very good record. The songs are consistent, and the atmosphere is pure darkness. Superb.


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