Review: Decrepit Soul – The Coming of War!!

Posted: February 14, 2016 in Reviews
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Decrepit Soul - The Coming of War!!

This is Australian duo Decrepit Soul’s second full length, following on from last year’s scathing debut ‘Uncreated and Eternal’. Hailing from a hotbed of heavy metal barbarity, and a place where the earth is scorched by the heat of the fireball in the sky, it is quite appropriate that ‘The Coming of War!!’ is a burning, flesh searing album of the finest blackened death metal.

First off, that album art is fucking cool. It personifies the kind of metal that roars from your speakers as soon as you put this record on. That kind of hammer swinging, blood spraying war metal that leaves bodies in your wake and blood staining your skin. There’s definite traces of death metal, particularly in the caustic groove of ‘Feral Howling Winds’, but the main influence here is bestial black metal.

The slower paced ‘Perished in Flames’ reminds me of ‘Blood Fire Death’ Bathory, but mixed with something more feral. Decrepit Soul manage to blend both skull rattling ferocity and a more measured brand of rough and ready black metal. The relentless ‘Black Goats Breath’ leads us to the final, howling ‘Storm of Steel’. Despite being from one of this earth’s hottest countries, ‘The Coming of War!!’ shows that the Australians know something about vicious, glacial fury. Bleak and inhospitable, Decrepit Soul is looking for victims. Offer yourself.


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