Review: The Whorehouse Massacre – Altar of the Goat Skull/VI

Posted: February 13, 2016 in Reviews
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Canadian sludge doom knuckle draggers The Whorehouse Massacre have combined their latest EPs to create this forty five minute dirty bomb of crushing riffs and nihilistic intent. It’s available now, and recommended for fans of Eyehategod and a general malaise and hatred for life.

‘Indignation’ opens with one of the heaviest, fuzziest riffs you’ll hear anywhere. It opens an unholy rift where rasping vocals drip with bile and poison. The Whorehouse Massacre approach each song with an equally evil intent. There’s an earth shaking density to each rumbling riff, an ominous miasma that slithers over every song, suffocating you. ‘Altar of the Goat Skull’ could be an unspeakable ritual to an elder God, such is the hypnotic quality of the material.

Sludge is difficult to do right. It is difficult to truly capture that magic quality that stops you from being just another EyeHateGod clone. The Whorehouse Massacre do it right by making sure every track maintains that level of filth, of fear riddled heaviness, where there is no let up. No light or air to let you see or breathe. As ‘The Black Coast’ leaves you gasping for air, tar pouring into your lungs with every churning riff, you feel what the true essence of sludge is.

Tracks like the grinding ‘Bowels of Hell’, or the trudging loneliness of ‘Sewer Dreams’ mark The Whorehouse Massacre out as a band that can use their nihilistic intent to create music that is deeply affecting. Mostly disturbing, but heavier than life itself. Look out for their upcoming debut for Transcending Obscurity soon!


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