Review: Anal Fissure – Mind of a Serial Killer

Posted: February 10, 2016 in Reviews
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Anal Fissure - Mind of a Serial Killer

Band name with the word ‘Anal’? Check. Gratuitously violent album art? Check. Torturous samples? Bowel rattling death metal brutality? Check. Anal Fissure are the newest crushers of Filipino death metal, and ‘Mind of a Serial Killer’ looks like it could be a contender in the brutal death category at the end of the year.

‘Mind of a Serial Killer’ is full of proper slam death metal, borrowing liberally from all the greats and smashing the elements together to create something that is, at times, ludicrously heavy. ‘Sodomy Fundamentals’ opens with an instrumental savaging, getting you ready for what you are about to receive. From there, there is non stop brutality. ‘Crack Epidemic’ rumbles and flails like a rabid animal, while the stomach churning violence of ‘Gluttonous Scavenger’ is enough to burst your blood vessels.

Anal Fissure are simply devastating. Their debut is an example of when brutal death is done right, it can be very very good. Paying tribute to Suffocation and Dying Fetus while carving their own, bloodsoaked path, Anal Fissure look to be a very exciting prospect.

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