Review: Ice War – Battle Zone 7″

Posted: February 8, 2016 in Reviews
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Ice War - Battle Zone

There’s something incredibly satisfying about pure, unadulterated heavy metal. You know the kind; stuff from before death/thrash/black etc became a thing, when it was all just about the spirit and the fucking joy of music. Canadians Ice War bring that on their debut EP ‘Battle Zone’, out now on vinyl through Iron Bonehead.

‘Battle Zone’ itself is a slab of proto metal goodness, bringing back that early 80s vibe and the spirit of NWOBHM. There’s a little bit of Sabbath creeping in there too, but it feels like something from an ancient Angel Witch or Jaguar demo. They’ve nailed that sound, and follow it up with the speedier ‘This Was Our Home’, which has a bit of an early Motorhead vibe about it almost. Mix that with dashes of pre-Dickinson Iron Maiden and early Priest, and you’ve got the idea.

‘Battle Zone’ may be short, but its very sweet. The title track has been a multi time spinner for me, and it channels the purest heavy metal from back in the day! Awesome!


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