Review: High Priest of Saturn – Son of Earth and Sky

Posted: February 7, 2016 in Band of the Day, Reviews
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Norwegian lords of expansive doom, High Priest of Saturn, return with their newest slab of galaxial riffs and ritual incantations to the gods above. ‘Son of Earth and Sky’ combines everything you could ever need in an occult doom journey.

‘Aeolian Dunes’ rumbles upward with glacial organ and hypnotic vocals. At ten and a half minutes, it’s the longest track here but you don’t feel it. It’s a slow paced soar towards a dusty finish, where earth shaking riffs bleed away into clean spacey ambience. It’s thoroughly relaxing, and really adds to that almost post metal vibe that sneaks within their riffs. High Priest of Saturn are ascending upon a much proggier and more psychedelic path now.

It’s fitting I suppose that their album title is very much representative of what High Priest of Saturn are becoming. They’re blending the heavy, earthy doom riffs with a much more airy and expansive psychedelic edge. ‘Ages Move the Earth’ is a perfect example; a bluesy groove lumbers underneath while smoky organ starts to drift through the haze. High Priest of Saturn are like a less morbid Electric Wizard, Merethe Heggeset’s ghostly vocals complimenting the infinite travels perfectly. This truly is a soundtrack to a journey across the desolate planet in their album art.

Conjuring up the spirit of hazy 70s prog rock bands, and layering it with lashings of Hammond organ and a hefty groove underneath, ‘Son of Earth and Sky’ is a record that you can slowly sink into. Each track speaks to the soul via beautiful ethereality. I love this, and so will you



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