Review: A Thousand Sufferings – Burden

Posted: February 5, 2016 in Reviews
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Belgian doomsters A Thousand Sufferings have got their new album, ‘Burden’, out now on Satanath Records. This is a label that keeps producing high quality material, and this is no different.

Opening with the creepy ‘Once in a Blue Moon’, fading in with a menacing spoken word and an ominous hum, you are left unprepared for the hefty riff that crashes upon you in ‘Bloodletting’. Something of a Triptykon-esque vibe rumbles throughout this monolith of doom. The vocals are even remiscient of Tom G Warrior, and the lumbering, tectonic riffs are a thing of granite beauty. When an almost psychedelic solo breaks through, you can sense a stoner influence briefly, before a nihilistic hammer blow returns.

‘Lamentation’ has got a serious Frostian groove to it, and the heaviness is drenched in this tar thick guitar tone which is simply brutal. There’s a mournful section in the middle that shows that A Thousand Sufferings have got a talent for both the loud and abrasive, and the emotive quiet sections. But it’s in the heavy that they are at their best. ‘Burden’ is a huge record, in both scope and in pure weighty riffs. There’s an overt, shimmering atmospheric black metal influence too, where doom riffs rumble under a glacial sky.

Closing with the gloomy finale, ‘Remembering Treasures’, with its odd vocal phrasing and Lovecraftian weirdness, ‘Burden’ is an impressive start to the doom records of 2016. Summoning Frostian nightmares to the surface of a blackened world, A Thousand Sufferings have laid down the gauntlet to this year’s doom legions. ‘Burden’ will be tough to beat this year.

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