Review: Resuscitation – Eviscerated Divinity

Posted: February 1, 2016 in Reviews
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Resuscitation - Eviscerated Divinity

Resuscitation are a Belgian trio who have been going for almost twenty years, yet have a very sparse discography. Only three demos and a single full length have come before ‘Eviscerated Divinity’, but what they don’t have in productivity, they certainly make up for behind the blackened wall of death conjured up on this 7″ vinyl from Iron Bonehead.

This is heavy stuff, oppressive death metal that has this choking atmosphere, this unholy murk that pervades each riff, each gurgling vocal emanation. There’s a dense Swedish influence here, with a guitar tone that brings to mind early Dismember or Grave. The title track has some properly brutal vocals, and ‘Putrescent Summoning’ is more of the same; a bleak pounding of your skull into ash and dust. There’s a definite black metal feel about the primal hatred that oozes from each riff.

‘Eviscerated Divinity’ comes from a place where the chainsaw violence of Swedish death metal combines with the filthy black metal rawness of Gorgoroth or early Satyricon. Resuscitation may not produce much music, but if it is all as good as this 7″, they are worth waiting for. Murky blackened death awaits you….


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