Review: Horrific Disease – Outbreak

Posted: February 1, 2016 in Reviews
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Horrific Disease - Outbreak

Japanese death thrashers Horrific Disease have unleashed their debut full length of plague-ridden death metal. ‘Outbreak’ marks their first release since 2012’s ‘Disease from Hell’ EP, outside a contribution to a 6 way split this year. It’s out now on Satanath Records.

Opener ‘Tortured in Entirety’ looms with eerie samples, before a killer riff explodes from the wasteland and batters you into submission. There’s something very Vader-esque about their relentless assault, even down to the cavernous vocals of Haruhisa Takahata. ‘Waste It Now!’ is a perfect example of this propulsive death metal influence. ‘Outbreak’ is an exercise in precise, chunky brutality. Wailing guitar solo madness opens ‘Under the Judgement’ which descends into rapid fire deaththrash goodness.

‘Outbreak’ is a brisk 32 minutes, but it’s the kind of death metal that you can just listen to all day. Slightly quirky chord progressions make Horrific Disease feel a little different, but the simple thrashing standard of the songs here is high, and they’re all good. ‘Newborn Reapers’ has the chug of prime Asphyx or Bolt Thrower, there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it rage of ‘Mortal Bite’, and the thrashing chaos of ‘Slaughter’ speeds past at breakneck speed too. There’s some crushing breakdowns in ‘Your Own Justice’, while the headbanging rush of ‘Never Satisfied’ is designed to wreck your neck.

Horrific Disease have got this style of death metal hammered down tight, nailing every riff with aplomb and creating some of the most simple yet effective death metal I’ve heard all year. This is fucking smashing stuff, and you should seek it out


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