Review: Abaddon – Son of Hell

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Reviews
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Indian thrashers Abaddon have put together this raging debut EP, and you can find it on the Transcending Obscurity distro page. It meshes excellent trad metal riffs with a Bay Area thrash sensibility, and has some fucking kick ass songs on it.

Opening track ‘Terror in the Eyes of God’ opens with a blasphemous sample, and then some nice building riffs. Using some classic 80s thrash licks, you’re hooked into a world where thrash didn’t die and need revived. This is vintage heavy metal, when thrash began to evolve from classics like Maiden and Priest. There’s an eerie Mercyful Fate-esque occult edge to it too, but this is a bit more ‘Killers’-era Maiden than Metallica or Slayer.

There’s some great guitar work at the start of ‘Rise of the Undead’, and ‘Son of Hell’ begins to feel like that missing 80s trad metal/thrash EP that linked everything together. Like Runemaster’s superb ‘Futhark Dawning’ last year, Abaddon are embracing that place where early metal begins to evolve. Where Runemaster went a bit more doom, Abbadon go a bit thrash, like the headbanging ‘Violent Sage’, or the propulsive riffing that opens the catchy ‘Destruction Completes Creation’.

By the time the early Bay Area thrash of ‘Bullet Eye’ rockets past you in a whirl of chugging Exodus worship, mixed with a little dash of doomy atmospheres, ‘Son of Hell’ is over. Thankfully, you can turn it straight back to the start and get right back to it. ‘Son of Hell’ may become my sleeper hit of the year. It combines early thrash with a little bit of Mercyful Fate and first two albums Maiden and creates something that is simply essential.

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