Review: Akatechism – Dripping Flames

Posted: January 20, 2016 in Reviews
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Akatechism - Dripping Flames

Germany’s Akatechism have laid their devastatingly bleak, black/doom/death hybrid demo ‘Dripping Flames’ upon the medium of cassette via Invictus Productions. It is time to begin that inexorable slide into the void.

‘Asymmetry of Man’ begins with a crawling, fuzzing riff, accompanied by an eerie church organ. From this gloomy, eldritch dirge comes a dense growling and eventually a rattling, deathly slab of Hellhammer worship. I like the contrast between the slower, morbid crawl and the battering of the black metal influence. ‘Hymn in Hunger’ has a ghastly, fetid vibe to it, with ancient riffs lurching out of the abyss. Akatechism have really embraced the darkness on ‘Dripping Flames’, conjuring up a Blut Aus Nord-esque canvas from which to paint their tapestry of evil.

Closing with the macabre epic ‘Omega’, where any glimpses of light are crushed beneath an iron riff and a morbid atmosphere. Akatechism’s slow burn blackened sound really saps your energy, leaving you a broken husk. Atonal melody clashes with howling vocals to create something truly of the dakr void. Love it.


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