Review: Toxoid – Aurora Satanae

Posted: January 19, 2016 in Reviews
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I’ve come upon the raging black metal holocaust that is New Dehli’s Toxoid about a year or so late, and with their debut record ‘Aurora Satanae’, I have found one of black metal’s coldest and most bleak records in recent history.

Opener ‘Baphomet Enraged’ is no frills, no fucking about, pure blizzard battery, complete with throat shredding screams and a Mardukian unstoppability. ‘Feed My Wrath’ continues with a more mid paced but none the less violent approach, storming the frozen forests with a double kick frenzy and a blasting ferocity. For a band that hails from a country more well known for stifling heat, Toxoid have really captured the icy severity of prime black metal. You can feel the primal scream of early Satyricon and Gorgoroth echoing through these songs.

‘Demon Lust’ is a favourite for me, with the eerie crawl of the beginning melding into a solid base from which warped rasps follow tremolo riffs and atonal melody. ‘Mystical Misanthropic Doctrine’ is another well crafted piece of black metal, while the scathing title track channels the best of second wave aggression and glacial fury. Closing with the imperious frost of ‘Thy Infernal Defloration’, Toxoid’s debut is one of the fiercest yet well written black metal albums I’ve heard in ages. Retaining the genre’s core values while writing interesting songs gets Toxoid the seal of approval!



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