Review: Lunarsapian – A Slow, Painful Life

Posted: January 17, 2016 in Reviews
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Lunarsapian - A Slow, Painful Life

Blackened doom duo Lunarsapian are a cross Atlantic concern, with all music composed in the UK and all lyrics and vocals done in the US. It’s an interesting concept, which really can go either way. It can either come across as disjointed, or there can be the kind of symbiosis that we find here. ‘A Slow Painful Life’ is coming out on Blackened Death Records, who I’m starting to hear a lot of good things about.

Intro ‘Stagnant Reality’ buils with a mournful melody that creeps from darkened corners. ‘Nocturnal Liberation’ is a gloomy, low fi black metal piece, with a funereal pace and a rasping vocal shriek. The malevolent guitar tone rumbles through this murk, a hypnotic drone that burns through to your bones. ‘Seperation of State and Mind’ is a horrifying dirge, pulsing with evil intent. The delicate piano led ‘The Ever Winding Path’ is such a change that I thought there had been a mistake! The rumble of thunder in the background, and the minor key moments reminds you of the graceful beauty that can sometimes be found in dark moments.

‘Warriors of Nione’ is a more traditional black metal song, with a thundering, bilious riff scything straight through the middle, enhancing by a thick atmosphere and a scathing vocal croak. The looming, all encompassing darkness of the title track builds with menacing symphony, before Godfleshian riffs drag us forward toward our inexorable demise. There’s almost a crushing inevitability about it, as is the equally brutal closer ‘Immortal’ with its shards of light amongst the black.

‘A Slow Painful Life’ is this year’s most miserable and heartless release thus far. An ode to crushing failure and darkness, Lunarsapian have created something special here. Special and utterably hopeless. Rock on


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