Review: Against the Plagues – Purified Through Devastation

Posted: January 16, 2016 in Reviews
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Against the Plagues - Purified Through Devastation

Relentless death metal machine Against the Plagues have burst into my conscience with their newest release, ‘Purified Through Devastation’, which fully intends to cause final devastation to the earth and all of us on it. ‘Purified Through Devastation’ is out now on Non Serviam Records, and this multinational collaboration looks to flatten us all with their fiery death metal attack.

Songs like ‘Man’s Modern World’ give you a good impression of what Against the Plagues is all about; hard hitting death metal that batters you in submission, coated in a grand black metal atmosphere. The soaring sections near the end add that little extra that instantly pushes this into the more interesting realm. While I am a fan of straight up brutal death metal attacks, any band that takes the time to play around with the template somewhat deserves the attention.

Against the Plagues have moments where the great blackened spirit of Behemoth raises its horned head, and the savagery on show becomes almost majestic. While not as accomplished as the Polish gods, Against the Plagues continue to surprise with their mature songwriting, and the little things like the tinkling piano that meshes within the eastern menace of ‘All Flesh Had Corrupted’ just contribute to that feeling. There’s plenty for the brutality addict however, including the rampaging ‘Praetorian Icon’ with its swelling, Dimmu-esque orchestration, and the automatic weapon massacre of closer ‘Enemy Herein’.

The Immolation/Morbid Angel influences show as well, like in the sickeningly heavy ‘Enblightened’, or the rumbling ‘Terrorform’. That kind of death metal groove and assault always appeals to us at the Killchain; a concentration on the potency of the riff. We like a crushing groove more than a whiplash event, and Against the Plagues provides that in numerous places, most favourably in the ‘Puritania’-era Dimmu Borgir-like ‘Theokratia’ with its staccato riffage and snarling vocal. But the Belphegor destruction on ‘Extermination Event’ is also pretty tasty to be fair!

‘Purified Through Devastation’ is the kind of album that does nothing new, but yet does it better than most. A perfect blend of blackened majesty with lurching death metal groove leaves you breathless and hungry for more. Get this purchased!!/Against-The-Plagues-Purified-Through-Devastation-pre-order/p/56589304/category=5291899

  1. Thorne says:

    Excellent review, because I feel the same about this disc. Much more death metal than their 2008 effort, which I like as well, it also had a good mix of epic blackness and death metal, but leaning more heavily on a melodic black metal vibe earlier.

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