Review: Carnal Garden – On the Final Day

Posted: January 12, 2016 in Band of the Day, Reviews
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Carnal Garden are a Greek death metal project put together by members of Pigskinner and Abyssus. Their debut EP, ‘On the Final Day’ was released digitally just before Christmas, and they are currently looking for a label to release it physically. Somebody snap this up!

‘Through Darkness and Dust’ has the kind of slow burn intro that doesn’t quite prepare you for what is coming. The dense guitar tone that kicks in, with a malevolent thickness to it, has an almost eastern tone to it. The metal is raw, unpolished, but you can feel the filthy sludgey undercurrent to it that reeks of untapped potential. There’s a dash of Coffins, a bit of Autopsy, even the chainsaw riffing of the finest Swedish death. While Abyssus plys a more Obituary-esque brand of death, Carnal Garden is more sludgey than that. Not that there isn’t more than a hint of ‘Cause of Death’ about the grinding ‘World Infected’.

‘The Smell of Sulphur’ brings together those two main influences in a jaw droppingly brutal groove. It’s pure Florida death, wrapped in darkness. I feel like I’ve discovered some ancient Obituary demo that no one knew about. Closing with the equalling crushing ‘From the Catacombs’, Carnal Garden need to be snapped up asap to get this out on disc! Highly fucking recommended


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