Review: Hellish – Theurgist’s Spell

Posted: January 10, 2016 in Reviews
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Theurgist's Spell 7"EP cover art

Bristling with South American fury, Chilean black thrashers Hellish have released an exclusive 7″ through Blood Harvest Records, tearing flesh from bone with four searing tracks of raging fury. Recalling early Kreator or Sodom at their savage best, Hellish are inspiring all sorts of headbanging here.

Opener ‘Total Darkness’ leads you into a furious maelstrom of proto thrash, complete with snarling vocals and relentless chaos. ‘Silent Night’ is more of the same, blackened thrashing in the vein of Sarcofago, Archgoat or the finest offerings from Hell’s Headbangers. ‘Theurgist’s Spell’ positively pulses with dark energy; each blackened chainsaw riff gleams with a kind of rusty malevolence. The drumming is a battery from Hell, and when the EP comes to an abrupt end with the flailing evil of ‘Assassin Mind’, it’s over too soon.

Hellish have got that traditional South American fury melded into classic German thrash, and it makes ‘Theurgist’s Spell’ a treat for your bloodstained ears.


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