Review: Sanktuary – Winter’s Doom

Posted: January 9, 2016 in Reviews
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Yukon power thrashers Sanktuary (is it only me that gets annoyed by purposely spelt wrong band names?) have spent a long time out in the cold crafting ‘Winters Doom’, an album of considerable riffs and breakneck speed! I’m on a bit of a thrash kick at the moment so this has arrived at the exact right moment. This follows up from their 2013 debut, ‘Something Fierce’.

Opener ‘Space Race’ has this undeniable energy about it. A catchy slice of proto thrash, and while not as chunky as modern thrash has become, Sanktuary still manage to riff like hell while maintaining a slightly rawer edge to themselves. The tour de force of ‘Vermin Lord’ has one of the best solos you’ll hear all year, and the jagged title track is a melodic masterpiece, with catchy guitar harmonies and some of those almost shrieky thrash vocals. Closer ‘Maximum Authority’ is the kind of thrash that would’ve sat very comfortably in that ‘thrash revival’ of 2008.

Plying the kind of metal that air guitarists will have a field day over, Sanktuary’s ‘Winters Doom’ is a memorable collection of thrashing anthems, with the emphasis on catchy riffs and breakneck speed. Rapid fire thrash and so good at it.


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