Review: Reanimator – Horns Up

Posted: January 9, 2016 in Reviews
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If you hadn’t told me what this record sounded like, I could’ve taken a wild guess from the tragically bad album art and gone, ‘party thrash?’ And I would have been right on the money, but underneath such trivialities I’ve discovered a band in Canada’s Reanimator that writes some damn good thrash tunes. Isn’t it always the way?

‘Electric Circle Pit’ is insanely catchy, and the riffing is pretty cool as well. They’ve got a lot of Municipal Waste in them, but Reanimator have got the chops to back up their thrash hero worship. Every genre trope has been trotted out here, but it is hard to argue when thrash is executed this damn well.  The infectious ‘Rush to the Mosh’ is pure early Anthrax, and its a huge amount of fun. The whole record is in fact, and sometimes metal forgets how to be fun. The dueling guitars at the start of rampant highlight ‘Tempted by Deviance’ is totally killer, as is the uber catchy gang chanting in ‘The Abominator’.

The fretwork is the highlight of ‘Horns Up’; every song has its share of killer thrash riffs, excellent harmonies and insidious melodies. Reanimator’s record kicks the arse of metal bands who don’t allow a little fun into their music. Infectious, headbanging and high quality thrash!


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