Review: Masacre – Brutal Aggre666ion

Posted: January 8, 2016 in Reviews
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Columbian legends Masacre (the OCD in me wants to correct that spelling, every time!) have been lurking around since the 80s, crushing those who oppose them with brutality and typical South American aggression. ‘Brutal Aggre666ion’ is their fifth full length, and its been a long eleven years since their last.

‘La Guerre’ opens with what feels like vintage 90s death metal riffing. There’s a lot of blasting, reminiscient of fellow continental heroes Krisiun, but the music peddled by Masacre is altogether less polished and more raw. Fearsome roars coupled with a deadly pounding makes Masacre instantly enjoyable. The’ve got that typically South American savagery, yet don’t overplay it. Yes, there’s relentless death metal violence on show, but it is tempered by guitar solos, slower heavy sections and tuches of actual melody.

The song lengths are impressive too for a South American outfit. Masacre are not afriad to stretch out the boundaries of a song to insert more riffs and brutality. Most South American bands I’ve come across go hell for leather and don’t stop. Masacre has a nice change of pace. The crushing epic ‘Donde Habital el Mal’ has some great variety, but is mostly Asphyx-esque steamrollery. ‘Satanic Peace Agreement’ is an exercise in endless blasting brutality, while the wailing solos of ‘Reality Death’ are simply awesome.

For a band that have been blasting carnage for 25 plus years, Masacre have gone from strength to strength. Their latest is an exercise in straightforward death metal, and you would be lucky to find one better.


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