Review: Abythic – A Full Negation of Existence

Posted: January 8, 2016 in Reviews
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Abythic - A Full Negation of Existence

Abythic are German death metal newcomers who bring it old school with influences like Bolt Thrower, Asphyx and Grave. So their new EP ‘A Full Negation of Existence’ should be directly up the Killchain’s particular avenue…

Opener ‘The Dissolution of Adam’ belches from the gate with a intensely Swedeath riff, all rusty chainsaw effect. It’s filthy, ragged, and completely great. I’m especially a fan of the crawling, creeping eerieness of ‘The Murder of the Clayborn’s opening riff. It drips with malevolent intent. There’s a little bit of Hail of Bullet’s about Abythic too, that kind of ‘caked in dry blood’ riff feel. It’s a satisfying direction for ‘old school death metal’, when bands generally tend to rely on the Autopsy or Death/Massacre angle. The Swedish death metal influence comes in again on the raging, ancient evil of ‘Return to the Origin’.

Closing with the ghostly rumble of ‘The Black Lights’, with its screeching guitar harmonics and operatic flourishes, Abythic have really impressed with the sound and style of this EP. Hopefully when their debut length comes out, they’ll have taken all the promise shown here and turned it into something staggering. Until then, ‘A Full Negation of Existence’ will do just fine.


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