Review: Primitiv – Immortal & Vile

Posted: January 6, 2016 in Reviews
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The heaviest sons of Indian death metal have conjured half an hour of earth collapsing death metal heaviness, in the form of new album ‘Immortal & Vile’. Drawing the power of the ancients to their riffs, Primitiv’s death metal madness is going to take some beating this year. It’s out on the 1st of February via Transcending Obscurity.

Opener ‘Clash of the Gods’ swells with orchestral grandeur before tribal drums rumble in the background. Primal roars signal the crushing ‘World War Zero’ with its relentless, Bolt Thrower-esque stomp. A slow, crawling death machine, that relies on heaviness rather than speed to put across its brutality, Primitiv create something great with every powerful riff. ‘The Demon of Science’ is ominously heavy, while ‘Lake Rancid’ has a particularly fetid growl, and almost pulses with malevolence. ‘Immortal & Vile’s concentration of slower songs give it a much more unique sound than most death metal these days.

‘Dead Man’s Desert’ is the longest track here, coupling their slow assault with some cold clean guitar sections that, coupled with the guttural growls, add this tension, this unease, that is released at the climaxing breakdown of riffs. ‘Taurus’ is another ponderous rumble, an endless descent into the cavern of the riff, scouring for death and its rewards. Closing with ‘Lords of Primitiv’, which has almost a deathly blues groove to it, Primitiv have really impressed me here. ‘Immortal & Vile’ is a crawling chaos of death metal, with the focus on devastating riffs and brutality. A new favourite!


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