Review: Matubes – The Return of Black Metal (EP)

Posted: January 6, 2016 in Reviews
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Matubes - The Return of Black Metal

For a band to call their debut EP ‘The Return of Black Metal’ implies a certain confidence in their material. Matubes are a Bulgarian four piece, and their debut was released in September via Distributor of Pain.

Opener ‘War Song’ bursts from the speakers with a certain vintage buzzing guitar tone, and a very traditional blasphemic black metal atmosphere. Rattling drums underpin a dense black metal assault. Thankfully in bringing a ‘return’ to black metal, they haven’t gone for the tin pot production, but injecting a bit of warmth into the raging ‘Left Hand Path’. Matubes certainly have created a well crafted piece of traditional black metal. While not doing anything remarkably different, the band execute their material with passion and talent.

‘Drink the Poison Blood’ is a good closing track, capturing the spirit of the eleven minute EP very well. They even mesh in a little cleaner vocals, adding an eerie Slavic tone to proceedings. Matubes have got the songwriting, the atmosphere and the spirit down, lets see if they can create something special on their full length to bring them above the rest of the hordes.


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