Review: Persecutory – Perversion Feeds Our Force

Posted: January 4, 2016 in Reviews
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Perversion Feeds Our Force cover art

Turkish malcontents Persecutory are the first band to be released by the new sublabel of United Kingdom Extreme Metal records, Hell’s Hammer Music. As you can probably guess from the cover, this is four tracks of blasphemic, thrashing blackness.

Opener ‘Obey the Sempiternal Impiety’ is a raging slice of blackened thrash, owing great debts to the primal rage of Sarcofago and the howling darkness of Impiety. Persecutory ply their trade with a bit more of a thrash vibe, rather than relentless blasting. There is some of course, but it isn’t a one trick, one speed pony. This is a release that changes gear, and is all the better for it.

‘Maelstorms of Antireligious Chaos’ starts with a waspish buzz, before settling into a flailing entity of raging chaos. There’s also a prominent early Sodom/Kreator influence, and there is a killer groove running through the middle of this song. Persecutory are releasing the first must have EPs of 2016, and we are only two tracks in. The savagery is potent, with every riff feeding off the pounding drums or the scathing vocals. ‘Maelstorms…’ is the best song here, but not by much, from the howling ‘Zero Tolerances for Non Believers’ to the bubbling hatred and blasphemy of the title track.

‘Perversion Feeds Our Force’ is a thing of ugly, raw, uncompromising beauty. It’s amazing to think that you’ve probably heard almost everything blackened thrash can throw at the wall by 2016, and yet still there can be a band that comes along and truly kicks your ass. Persecutory are it. If this marks what is to come from Hell’s Hammer Music, then count me fucking in.

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