Review: Akasava – Strange Aeons

Posted: January 4, 2016 in Reviews
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French psychedelics Akasava released their new EP ‘Strange Aeons’ in the Spring, and are distributing via Nordavind. ‘Strange Aeons’ is 14 minutes of heavy grooving, 70s style psych doom, and it has a particularly tortured looking album cover which is pretty rad.

Starting with a gloomy, organ laded intro ‘The Ritual’, ‘The Deep’ has a bluesy swagger and a slightly manic vocal delivery that gives you that otherworldly feeling. ‘Sons of Bastet’ has an almost poppy vibe to it, but laced with occult undertones and a White Zombie esque delivery helps it immensely. ‘The Witch is Rising’ is eerier, with a definitive harsh atmosphere. I like this better than some of the other styles that Akasava portray here, and I htink it has most potential for their future direction as it’s a bit different.

‘Black and White Lady’ has a nice bit of groove about it too, while ‘And Die!’ closes us out with a bit of distorted organ, a really effective piece of doomy melancholy that would be better suited throughout their sound. ‘Strange Aeons’ is a mixed bag of influences and songs, but overall it’s a worthwhile listen and will hopefully lead to a more focused full length soon!


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