Review: Wilt – Moving Monoliths

Posted: January 3, 2016 in Reviews
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Wilt - Moving Monoliths

Canadian blackened doom maestros Wilt have released their debut record, ‘Moving Monoliths’, on Bindrune Recordings this last November, and its a soul crushing, tectonic dirge through forty minutes of melancholic, blackened doom majesty.

Opener ‘Illusion of Hope’ starts us as we mean to go on. A mournfully heavy riff crashes down, with a rasping quality to its tone, betraying their atmospheric black metal roots. ‘Moving Monoliths’ feels like a seriously slowed down black metal record, with a similar atmosphere and raw vocal delivery through a gloomy, doomy riff base. It’s more My Dying Bride than Reverend Bizarre,and there’s an eerie coating of blackness over each note. The glistening title track shines with a gloriously vast background melody, while a Wolves in the Throne Room influence runs deep.

Wilt’s sound isn’t exactly unique, but what they do is very well written, has loads of emotion in it, and has the occasional moment of glacial fury unleashed, like the start of the pounding ‘The Elder’. It also meshes ethereal sections with whispered vocals and almost ambient tendencies to great effect. Wilt have nailed that gloomy, melancholic sound that will surely garner thema few fans, and their shimmering black metal/atmospheric doom tendencies will also hook in a few people. ‘Moving Monoliths’ is a mature, well crafted debut that gives the band a very solid base to then build a legacy upon. Recommended


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