Review: Raventale – Dark Substance of Dharma

Posted: December 28, 2015 in Reviews
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Raventale - Dark Substance of Dharma

Another day, another one man atmospheric black metal band. Another one from the Ukraine too. Whatever Raventale do on their new record, it has to be impressive otherwise they’ll vanish into all the other Wolves in the Throne Room/Drudkh clones out there. ‘Dark Substance of Dharma’ is their seventh full length, so they are obviously doing something right so far.

After the obligatory nature sounds intro, complete with raven calls and moody ambience, second track ‘Destroying the Seeds of Karma’, channels vintage Burzum with its hypnotic, thrumming buzz. There’s an almost soothing background soar to each track, easily missed when you are focus on the rasping vocal and the thudding drums. As satisfyingly dense as you’ll find an atmospheric black metal record, and yet diverse in its attack, like the almost ‘catchy’ riffs in the title track, which then dissolves out into the epic and bleak soundscape.

As epic as Raventale can be, they can also be raw and straight at your jugular, such as in the rabid ‘Kali’s Hunger’, which is a roaring, scalding piece of black metal. The melodic yet nasty ‘Red Laugh’s Walking’ is another highlight, as is the moody rage of ‘I Am the Black Tara’. ‘Dark Substance of Dharma’ is indeed a record of substance. A record that proves that there is still plenty to be done in the world of blackened atmosphere. Starkly savage and soothingly black, Raventale have impressed with this album.



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