Review: Church of Disgust – Dread Ritual

Posted: December 23, 2015 in Reviews
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Dread Ritual EP cover art

American death metallers Church of Misery’s ‘Dread Ritual’ cassette was released earlier in the year, but with a 7″ vinyl version coming up, the band has asked me to have a listen and see what I think. First of all, I love this cover. It’s got a very Lovecraftian feel, with an unholy ritual summoning an eldritch creature. It’s badass.

When the title tracks kicks in with its otherworldly effects, then a vintage dragging death metal riff, you know you’re in for something rather special. This is a belching, lurching slab of primal death metal. There’s dashes of early Swedeath, Autopsy and . ‘Pursuing Horrors’ is equally disturbing. It’s got such a unique approach, not all hell for leather and yet not just sludgy ‘old school’ death metal. There’s something inherently heavy and yet eerie about them. Thier take on Impetigo’s ‘Staph Terrorist’ adds a bloodcurdling rattle to the thrashy original.

I like where Church of Disgust are going with their particular brand of death metal. There’s something very otherworldly about them, something I can’t quite put my finger on. But it’s very good. Get a copy of this if you can!

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