Review: Odium – Terraform

Posted: December 22, 2015 in Reviews
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Canadian metallers Odium are onto their third record of hard hitting melodic death metal, and while this is my first experience with them, it is unlikely to be my last. ‘Terraform’ is 47 minutes of quality, ripping metal with tons of awesome guitar riffs.

Opening intro track ‘Odyssey’ sets the tone, a looming ambience creating an air of mystery which ‘Feral Inversion’ punctures with a melodic yet brutal double kick attack. Main influences seem to be Soilwork, along with some more modern thrash bands. The guitarwork is strong, and there are some great fluid soloing sections. Too many bands have wrecked the term ‘melodic death metal’ by being goddamn mediocre. Odium are both melodic and deathly, and it works so well.

Like Necrocosm before them this year, Odium are showing the world that death metal can still be brutal and contain melodies that keep you addicted. Listen to the rabid fury of ‘Centipedes’, or the soaring ‘Return to Form’ to show just how both elements can gel seemlessly. ‘Terraform’ is a solid album of memorable yet interesting and complex metal songs. There are subtle nuances to the formula, like the gothic piano intro to the chugging ‘Dead’, or the scathing Hypocrisy-esque ‘Failure II’. Andrew Fullerton’s clean vocals aren’t grating in anyway, and his growl is impressively variable.

‘Terraform’ may be a last minute addition to my favourite albums this year. They remind me of how I felt the first time I heard Scar Symmetry; a band who can meld heavy and melody without breaking a sweat. Odium are killer, and if you appreciate well formed metal that’ll infect your brain with tunes, this is the one.


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