Review: Daemoniac – Lord of Immolation

Posted: December 22, 2015 in Reviews
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Italian death metallers Daemoniac recored their newest mini CD ‘Lord of Immolation’ at Sunlight Studios. Which means only one thing; this is burning, raging death metal in its finest, Swedish form. Containing members of legendary Italian death metal band Horrid, this should be rather good.

You can feel the putrid corpse of early 90s death reeking from every riff, every ragged chainsaw riff that bursts from the savage ‘Away from Christ’. The murky, graveyard groove of ‘Demonic Possession’ descends to hell, riffs in tow. Daemoniac’s sound is so authentic they should have been in Daniel Ekeroth’s book! Their Crematory cover, the skull rattling ‘Chunks of Flesh’ is great, as is the churning ‘Desecration of Christianity’.

Short but ultimately a great taster for fans new to Daemoniac, like me. Italy has been known for producing some great death metal acts, and Daemoniac should join them soon. ‘Lord of Immolation’ is a ripping set of death metal songs with a deep Swedish influence, but enough of their own magic to keep them interesting. Love it


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