Review: Cryptopsy – The Book of Suffering: Tome 1

Posted: December 21, 2015 in Reviews
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Cryptopsy - The Book of Suffering (Tome 1)

Ah Cryptopsy. Canadian technical death metal legends and pioneers. Creators of some of metal’s most dazzlingly brutal and stunning complex albums, their recent history is a little more spotty. 2008’s ‘The Unspoken King’ was roundly trounced by the press, but 2012’s self titled album was better received. Will the first tome of ‘The Book of Suffering’ regain them more fans?

Opener ‘Detritus (The One They Kept)’ launches into blasting, twisting death metal carnage. Juddering time changes switch between a sickening groove and serious blasting. This is more like the Cryptopsy of old, with impossibly complex patterns crushing all before them. I have to say, I’m impressed. ‘The Knife, the Head and What Remains’ is a thrashing, flailing piece of extremity. For all their recent sins, the band’s critics cannot fault ‘The Book of Suffering: Tome 1’ for its reignition of the technical death metal flame.

‘Halothane Glow’ and closer ‘Framed By Blood’ are two more slabs of insanely complex and technical death metal songs. Nothing works better than Cryptopsy in full flow, and their essence has returned here. The brutality and intricacies mesh so well that if this was from a band with much less of a legendary pedigree, we’d all be hailing them as the next big thing. ‘The Book of Suffering : Tome 1’ is an excellent start, let’s hope Cryptopsy continue along this path to redemption


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