Review: Third Sovereign – Perversion Swallowing Sanity

Posted: December 19, 2015 in Reviews
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Third Sovereign - Perversion Swallowing Sanity

Indian death metal legends Third Sovereign have been around for a good decade since their debut ‘Destined to Suffer’. That record is something of a legend in Indian metal, and Third Sovereign’s live reputation has grown over that time too. It’s always a struggle to repeat that success after a long time, but they’re hoping ‘Perversion Swallowing Sanity’ is 2016’s first classic.

On first listen it hits you straight away; this is a great record. On a purely headbangable level, riffs pour out of the raging ‘Sarcophaga’ and rampant opener ‘Sakei Ai Hla/Grave of Humanity’. But dig a little deeper as the record progresses, through the dark conjuring of ‘Living This Hate’, which rips like the Black Dahlia Murder, or the death metal Voivod thrash of ‘Slaughtered Mankind’, and you’ll find so much to excite the metalhead within. Releasing it on respected Indian label Transcending Obscurity puts it in quite illustrious company at the moment, and it proves once again to me that Indian metal is where its at just now.

Every song has about 20 different riff ideas, mixing death metal and thrash to powerful effect. There’s almost accessible chugathons (see the neck wrecking ‘Devolution of Mortality’), technical riff chaos (‘Spawned by Guilt’), and pure fucking death metal (the brutal closer ‘Burnt Epitome’). But it’s Third Sovereign’s deft wielding of such elements that make this such a treat. It’s a honed, razor sharp and devastating half an hour of power. If this isn’t high up on my end of year list next year, I’ll be stunned. Fucking ACE!


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