Review: Soulline – Welcome My Sun

Posted: December 18, 2015 in Reviews
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Swiss melodic death metallers Soulline’s new record ‘Welcome My Sun’ is a riff monster of a record. While definitely bringing many chugging beauties to the table, Soulline also crush some melodic moments into each song, giving them an anthemic feel in parts, especially opener ‘Rise Up’, which has one of the record’s catchier choruses.

There’s some subtle In Flames-esque electronics that creep in every so often, and its the Gothenburg pioneers that Soulline most remind me of. Galloping thrashy riffs combine with chugging sections and insidious melodies to create a record full of songs that never blow you away but also don’t leave your head for a while. I especially like the racing riffing in ‘Broken by Madness’, and the roar of Ghebro has a very Randy Blythe rasp to it. There are some touches of Lamb of God about certain songs too, and the soaring ‘Right Here Right Now’ has live hit all over it.

Soulline will never set the world on fire, but ‘Welcome My Sun’ is a solid record that has a huge melodic streak in it, which brings out some great songs. Working on their song writing and bits of their sound to create something a bit more original would be good, but if you want a solid album full of good riffs and good songs, its hard to go wrong here.

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