Review: Vile Insignia – Bestial Invocation

Posted: December 18, 2015 in Reviews
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Vile Insignia - Bestial Invocation

Canada blackened death metallers Vile Insignia’s album art for ‘Bestial Invocation’ conjures a kind of inhuman, cosmic horror unravelling between the frets. It’s pretty close to the truth, but Vile Insignia also weave into their black art a vast, atmospheric black metal streak.

‘Enslaved Possession’ works this mixture very well, with a Wolves in the Throne Room style backdrop to unholy vocals and a pronounced heaviness. The rabid concoction feels very much like an incantation drawn to summon the beast on the cover. The album’s title sums up its contents almost perfectly. Each track feels like a summoning to a creature beyond our capacity, and Vile Insignia’s savagery is certainly primal and beastial. See the demonic, scathing ‘Reich of Evil’ or the guttural ‘Desecration Through Blasphemy’ for evidence of this.

I like this album a lot, I think Vile Insignia’s style is addictive, cathartic and the songs are well constructed and really possess this air of evil and darkness about them. It’s a little long by normal blackened death standards, stretching over an hour, but the band do well to fill the time with their constructs. The little eerie atonal sections of ‘The Infernal Siege’ are pretty cool, as is the thrashing madness of ‘Ritualistic Inquisition’. Epic closer ‘Morbid Tales of Bloodshed’ is the finest moment though, a vast spiralling piece that brings eastern melodies into a torrent of fire and ice. Vile Insignia are worth sticking around for, because when they are good, they are awesome.

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