Review: Grey Heaven Fall – Black Wisdom

Posted: December 15, 2015 in Reviews
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Cult label Aesthetics of Devastation has discovered this hiddem gem from the Russian blackened death underground. Grey Heaven Fall’s new record, ‘Black Wisdom’, is a furious blasterpiece of blackened extremity.

Opener ‘The Lord is Blissful in Grief’ mixes the best of atonal guitar melodies with endless blasting drums and a satisfying thick guitar crunch. There’s the swirling discomfort that Deathspell Omega do so well, accompanied by a gurgling vocal that enhances the brutality. A lot of blackened death veers either too much one way or the other. Grey Heaven Fall have it just right. There’s more than a touch of Behemoth about them, but this is no mere copycat act. This is an intense record, complete with a sense of the grandiose, like the vast ‘Spirit of Oppression’.

‘Black Wisdom’ is a record full of deft touches and relentless battering. Pieces like the mourning ‘Sanctuary of Cut Tongues’ or the soulful soloing in ‘That Nail in a Heart’ showcase the band’s adventurous spirit, while the harsh melodies howl through. This is an album of regal, icy majesty, where extremity and melancholy meet. The ghostly ending leaves little to the imagination, but is a fitting end to one of this year’s more intriguing efforts. Grey Heaven Fall are a band to look out for, as their multifaceted approach mark them as esoteric highlights of 2015.


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