Review: Void Ceremony – Cyclical Descent of Causality

Posted: December 14, 2015 in Reviews
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VoidCeremony - Cyclical Descent of Causality

Forming after the demise of Portalgeist, this Californian trio have belched forth one of 2015’s most dense and suffocating releases in the form of the ‘Cyclical Descent of Causality’ tape. Yeah, tapes are all the rage again. Except its impossible to find a tape player in this day and age! Anyhoo, it’s available from Blood Harvest Records, and its fucking nasty.

Opener ‘Benighted by Malignant Sorrow’ is a choking void of suffering and agony. It’s like drowning in murky black water, but the water is also on fire. This is hellish stuff, frothing at the mouth while unholy noise comes out. VoidCeremony are one of the darkest things I’ve heard recently, reminding me a lot of Portal but a little less weird. ‘Sacrosanct Delusions’ is more of the same destruction, leading into the almost melodic (for VoidCeremony) intro to the horror of ‘Empty Grand Majesty’.

A labyrinth of hidden, evil depths from whence escape is impossible, ‘Empty Grand Majesty’ is a construction of Lovecraftian mystery and foreboding. Eerie guitar melodies reach out of the gloom, grabbing at your mind, straining for your sanity. The inhuman growls are the truth, yet you’re drawn in. This is some dark, deep filth, and it’s frankly ace. When it comes to a lurking, creeping end, it leaves you begging for more!


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