Review: Amputory – Ode to Gore

Posted: December 12, 2015 in Reviews
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Amputory - Ode to Gore

Finnish death metallers Amputory’s ‘Ode to Gore’, is their first full length record since their formation in 2009. They’ve released two demos prior to this, and their debut is available now on Xtreem Records. But does it have what it takes to break through the increasingly crowded death metal market?

‘Enslaved in the Basement’ is a brutal beginner, with a rusty chainsaw riff that crushes into a chugging monster. It’s got that sickening guitar tone and vocal style that has made Finnish death metal so damn good. This is the sound of an open, ragged wound, a murky gargling piece of aural violence. Amputory balance the Swedish death metal style riffing with a more American death metal sound, creating this hybrid of death metal excellence. An inherent sense of groove and power is key to their success. Anyone can batter away death metal songs, but it takes something special to be recognised these days.

The propulsive ‘Cleansing by the Blade’ injects some pace into their sludgy, caveman riffing, while the almost unbearably heavy assault of ‘Aghori’ is proof almost by itself of Amputory’s chops. I’ve always found bands who play this kind of music to have a certain charm about them, a certain simplicity and brutality that meshes very much with what I like in death metal. That guttural, gargling vocal is coherent but not quite clear enough, keeping that essence of savagery. The neck snapping ‘Unclean’ and the relentless ‘Unaccountable’ are two highlights in half an hour of death metal supremacy.

You’ll never heard of Amputory until now, but this is a band to watch. Thunderous, essential death in its best form

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