Review: Hibria – Hibria

Posted: December 10, 2015 in Band of the Day, Reviews
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Hibria - Self-Titled 2015 - Album Cover

You better believe that Brazil can produce more than just legendary thrash and death metal bands. The South American sound is so well known for being dark, raw and brutal but Brazilian power metallers Hibria are going to change that.

Straight away you can feel the melodic power behind songs like ‘Abyss’. There’s no merciless rage or brutality in this band. What Hibria do have is some epic galloping riffs, killer lead guitar licks and a powerful vocal performance. If you dig the work of the legends, you’ll enjoy the twin guitar harmonies, the uber catchy galloping chorus riffs and the soloing power. The funky breakdown, complete with jazzy trumpet, in ‘Pain’ makes them even more unique. Hibria write songs that are so infectious, you find yourself grinning with metal joy!

Power metal is at its most effective when there is less drama and more metal (excpet for Blind Guardian or Rhapsody, then it is ALL about the drama). Hibria’s self titled record sticks wisely to the trad metal route, with some great riffing and catchy as hell vocal parts. I especially like the bluesy groove soaked into the rocking ‘Life’, and also the headbang fodder ‘Ghosts’. In fact, that’s one of Hibria’s joys, the pure headbanging METALNESS of the songs. It’s music written for the live arena, and I bet they are awesome live.

Tracks like ‘Ashamed’ or the super anthemic ‘Church’ reinforce that Hibria could be the most joyously metal thing to come out of Brazil in years. Their infectious power metal hooks drag you in, sticking in your head and leaving you addicted. Leaving the cheese at the door, Hibria succeed with great songwriting, great songs and killer hooks. Now if only other power metal bands could do the same!


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