Review: Canyon of the Skull – Canyon of the Skull

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Reviews
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Texas blackened doom titans Canyon of the Skull have released their debut record earlier this year, a self titled two track, thirty six minute trawl through the deepest recesses of the riff void. It’s out now via their Bandcamp page.

Opener ‘The Path (of Bear and Wolf)’ is a sprawling piece of instrumental doom bliss. An album that envisages a journey across a barren rocky desert. The lumbering doom that underpins it is the solid, unyielding rock on which you walk. The shimmering guitar melodies that thrum incessantly on top is the stifling heat and blazing sun. The rhythm of the drums is your step, unending and constant. That’s the great thing about instrumental music; you can build your own story to it. I have no idea if this is what the band think it represents, but its what I feel. When riff patterns change to a leading bass, its almost like a cloud gives you a brief respite. The slowing of the riffing is like the slowing of your stride as you are drained, physically and mentally. The crashing crescendo is the worry that when night falls, you will be in the mind of wolves and bears as you sleep.

The sun rises on the ‘Canyon of the Skull’; riffs cascading like beams of light down upon you. Forever building to that moment, that beautiful moment of release, Canyon of the Skull’s craft is honed perfectly. Your journey continues, relentlessly, searching for that place where the riff was born. There is uplifting melody upon ancient riffs, like the sun on weathered stone. ‘Canyon of the Skull’ represents everything that is good about instrumental music; evocative, emotional, transcendant. This is art carved from the riff. The endless, titan riff that inspires us all

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