Review: Black Lord – Black Forest Ritual

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Reviews
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Black Lord - Black Ritual Forest

Mexico is not the kind of place you expect frozen, raw black metal to come from. Black metal yes, as it is a country that has suffered from debilitating drug wars and all sorts of calamity since Westerners landed there in the 1500s. It can be a hotbed for that raging, seething cauldron of extremity that black metal can be. But proper, Norwegian style black metal? Hmmm….

The wind, the raven, the howling of wolves and the eerie, ritualistic hum that resonants from the intro to this record sets the tone perfectly. It’s perhaps a little bit long, but the caustic Venom worship that follows in ‘Spiritual War’ is worth the wait. The slower paced ‘Lord of the Night’ has a doomy crawl to it, while the Darkthrone worshipping ‘Dream in the Eternal Forest’ is caustic blackened beauty. The band mix it up, with the malevolent chug of ‘Black Bird’, and the icy ‘Moonlight’.

Vocally the shrieks and growls are shrouded within the music, peeking through every so often but remaining mysterious. It works quite well, giving Black Lord a kind of raw, mystic quality. Maybe in future releases we could see them pushed forward and see what the band can do. When they are more prominent, like in the awesome ‘Coldblood’, the manic howling works really well.

‘Black Forest Ritual’ has convinced me that black metal is a truly global phenomenon. Black Lord have nailed the sound perfectly, and while they are more followers than leaders, ‘Black Forest Ritual’ is a example of solid black magic from a band I look forward to seeing more from.


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