Review: Beating Dead Meat – A Rude Awakening

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Reviews
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Beating Dead Meat - A Rude Awakening

Finnish metallers Beating Dead Meat (is that masturbating the dead?) have released their new record ‘A Rude Awakening’ earlier this year independently, and it is eight slabs of tight, honest death metal. No frills, no fucking about.

Opener ‘Watching You Fail’ rips out of the gate with a hail of double kicks and some grinding riffs. Beating Dead Meat rip some crushing riffs all the way through, and this is a great example. There’s an element of technical death metal here, with the relentless drumming prescence, but there’s also some almost melodic sections that add a little bit to the music. The riff that opens ‘Decimation’ is one of the catchiest and most memorable I’ve heard in ages. Beating Dead Meat have a dash of vintage Fear Factory about them as well, particularly in guitar tone.

‘A Rude Awakening’ is just that; an album full of instantly headbangable riffs, and while probably not the most original band you’ll come across, Beating Dead Meat do what they do pretty well. Songs like the storming ‘Reckoning’ and the crush of ‘Contemplate’ accentuate the waspish guitar work and the excellent riffs. You couldn’t argue it is anything other than standard death metal, but you also can’t argue it isn’t well written and executed.

To be honest, it won’t rank too highly on my list of essential death metal this year, but only because this has been a year of extremely powerful releases. Beating Dead Meat are one to keep an eye on though, their approach is satisfying heavy, their riffing is hard and catchy, and ‘A Rude Awakening’ is a solid statement of intent.


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