Review: Satyrasis – …of the Dead

Posted: November 30, 2015 in Reviews
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Satyrasis - ...of the Dead

Wow, where the fuck has this record been all my year? Progressive death thrashers Satyrasis released ‘…of the Dead’ in January of 2015, and this is my first chance to hear it but holy shit is it a stunning ride through heavy metal’s greatest parts!?

Opener ‘A Foot in Each Grave’ comes blasting from an eerie, black metal style mist before jagged thrash riffs gallop past at high speed. It’s heavy and then an acoustic, almost Spanish influenced section appears from nowhere, then the riffs kick back in. It’s little things like this that make Satyrasis such an interesting prospect. Take the strange, 8 bit intro to ‘Excision’, or their thrashing take on Rush’s ‘Circumstances’. Satyrasis are not a band that do things as you’d expect.

But more straightforward thrashers are actually where the band’s main strengths lie. Each song is chock full of interesting riff patterns, and enough chug to set your head banging. ‘The Foreman’s Face’ is a rager, with great soloing and a selection of the album’s riffing highlights. But each song has it’s own charm, and if you can keep up with the myriad time changes, this is a winner. ‘The Imp of the Perverse’ thrashes like a beast, while the vast closer ‘In Ruins’ deftly mixes prog and death metal to stunning effect.

The simple fact that Satyrasis are offering this as a free download from their website makes this record a must. But even if it wasn’t, the sheer fucking METALNESS of it is more than enough. If you like your thrash with a dose of progressive death metal like Cynic, then Satyrasis could be the band for you. Or if you like shitloads of meaty riffs, they are definitely for you.


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